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Readily available for nationwide expansion, the Barista Choi coffee vending machine has impressive business potential as there are various territories only slightly covered and penetrated. Management has carefully planned its presence to make sure its reach is balanced throughout the nation and complimented with excellent customer support.

As we continuously grow, our efforts to guarantee the freshness of our product, the quality and the support required by our coffee vending machines, dealers, distributors and clients are also increasing. We are currently updating and upgrading our distributors and dealers for our consumers benefit. We are also creating new programs and tools to supportour business design and to provide you the best coffee vending machine business.

Potential and Operation

Value for money affordable investment is our business design. What we offer is various possibilities for a wide range of business preferences from simple to expansive, from small scale to large.

In deciding on the execution of your business objectives, the following investment and expense considerations

Investment and package inclusions:

  1. 1 Unit Sapoe Coffee Vending Machine (3 canisters/3 flavors) at 12,000/unit
  1. 3 kilos powder mix and 300 pieces cups

Total initial investment that will be needed in order to start this business is ₱12,780.00 Pesos

Expenses involved in operating and maintaining the business:

  1. Coffee – Barista Choi Powder Mix @ 190/kilo (85 to 90 kilos cups)
  2. Water – 5 gallon
  3. Barista Choi Paper Cups @ 0.70/pc
  4. Electricity – to run the machine
  5. Rental – if needed